How Do Cell Phone Carrier TABS Work?

18 April 2017

What is a TAB in Canada carriers

Most carriers require their subscribers to sign up for a contract. This definitely helps the carriers to have certainty which is great for them. When it comes to you, the customer, there's something called a "tab" or "flex" that helps you pay down your brand new device.

In this guide, we'll explain what tabs are and how they can help you get the phone and cell phone plan of your dreams. Just compare cell phone plans and see which tab options work best for you. 

Why are there "tabs"? 

When you sign up for a contract plan that may or may not include a new device, you are signing up to pay in the agreed upon installments in whatever method the contract stipulates.  The cell phone carrier loves this as it guarantees this payment from this customer who is locked in for two to three years at least. More if the customer decides to upgrade their phone somewhere in the middle of the contract. 

The reality is that most customers would prefer to pay off their phones sooner than later. And, depending on the contract, the customer might not be allowed to or even penalized if he wants to pay off his device fast. The reason for this is that it leaves the customer with a lower monthly payment that is not "in the contract". 

By paying the value of the phone down faster, there might not be a reason to stick around on the contract with that carrier. This bothers the carrier. The only way out of the contract would be early termination fees (EFTs) and that would leave the carrier sad. 

This is where a tab or flex payment plans come in. 

What are "tabs" or "flex" payment plans?

Tabs or Flex payment methods are ways to make payments towards your device. Essentially, each payment you make every month puts a percentage or set amount to paying your device down. You can even choose to pay off your device. In doing  this, you are free to get out of your contract once you've paid any outstanding fees. Generally, the options of using Tab or Flex payment is well-liked. 

Some carriers with tab options:
Rogers has a Flextab option that allows you to pay off your phone within a 2-year contract. You have the option of paying it off sooner and you can always be aware of your Flextab balance. 

Koodoo has a Tab option that allows you to pay down your phone and to only pay your monthly charges. 

Virgin Mobile's Supertab option puts 10% of your monthly payment towards paying off your device until you owe nothing. 

Is tab payment right for you? 

If you feel safe in a contract and don't have the money up front to pay for an expensive smartphone device, you can always choose a contract plan that keeps installments locked. As long as you're comfortable with the payment amount and method, your two to three year contract might fly by easily. 

However, if you have the money to pay for the smartphone of your dreams and you want to own it outright, not worrying about anything but the monthly service charge, compare cell phone carriers now that offer tab or flex payment options. 

Have a look below at some great carrier deals: 



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