Here Are All the Changes to Canadian Carrier Cell Phone Plans Last Week-July 31-August 6

07 August 2017

With dozens of carriers and even more cell phone plans to choose from, it's no secret that the cell phone market moves fast and furious.  To get the best value, it's always a good idea to compare cell phone plans.

Check out the following list and get a bird's eye view on the all cell phone changes in the Canadian market last week, July 31-August 6.


Ongoing Offers:

  • Free SIM + $25 Airtime Bonus with $100 Top-up voucher
  • $20 off any phone with $50 voucher purchase



  • Removed $40 Basic Phone plan (MB/SK)
  • $45 Smartphone plan now has 500MB instead of 200MB (MB/SK)

Ongoing Offers:

  • Min $100 off any smartphone with select smartphone trade-in


Ongoing Offers:

  • $10 monthly credit for 8 months if you sign up for auto-pay 



  • Double your Minutes, Texts and Data + 50% off for 3 months on select plans

Ongoing Offers:

  • 10% off BYO phones



  • Removed Unlimited Talk & Text plan (main regions)
  • 5GB Pulse Data, Talk & Text plan now has 6GB (main regions)
  • 9GB Pulse Data, Talk & Text plan now has 10GB and is $10 cheaper  (main regions)
  • 1GB & 2GB plans are not coming with Pulse extras anymore (QC)
  • Plus Tabs have been renamed Small, Medium and Large Tabs

Ongoing Offers:

  • Double data on Talk, Text and Data plans (main regions)
  • $5 off for 24 months on 500 MB Bring Your Own Phone or Plus10 Data, Talk and Text plan or on any Talk and Text plan (main regions)


Ongoing Offers:

  • Up to $160 Bonus Tab with selected phone with $40+ plans
  • 2GB bonus data with $49 and $59 plans 


Ongoing Offers:

  • $10 monthly credit when BYOP for 6 months (ends 22.07)
  • Up to 2GB of bonus data on selected plans
  • Prepaid Offers: $20 Activation Bonus with Prepaid phones + Free 100 Minutes Talk booster add-on + 10% off with automatic top-ups


Ongoing Offers:

  • Up to $270 off selected phones
  • $30 Airtime credit on Prepaid phones


Ongoing Offers:

  • $10 monthly credit when BYOP for 6 months
  • Bonus points with a 2-year contract
  • Moto G Play: $10 Bonus Long Distance card


Ongoing Offers:

  • $5 off SIM card with $25+ airtime


Ongoing Offers:

  • 90-day plans: 3GB bonus for 3GB/6GB (3G) data options and 6GB bonus with 12GB (3G) data option  
  • Save $2 with AutoPay Rewards


Ongoing Offers:

  • $200 off iPhone 6s and more recent models after trade-in credit (in-store) on any 2-year Share Everything plan
  • $100 Google Play credit with the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus on any 2-year plan
  • 2GB Bonus Data on the 10GB Share Everything plan (all regions)
  • $10 monthly discount on additional lines with No Tab
  • $10 monthly discount on additional lines with 2-year Tab in MB, QC and SK
  • $200 off for customers switching from SaskTel
  • $100 off for customers switching from another carrier (MB only)


Ongoing Offers:

  • $20 Prepaid bonus 
  • $10 off plans with BYO phone


  • $10/month when adding a family member 
  • $40 in activation credits with Prepaid


Ongoing Offers:

  • Up to 25% off plans with BYO phone 



  • Removed $10 monthly credit with BYOP for 6 months on selected plans
  • Removed all plans with Unlimited Talk & Pay per Use Data
  • 5GB plans now includes 6GB and 7GB plans now include 10GB and are $5/month cheaper (Silver and Gold) or $10/month cheaper (Platinum)

Ongoing Offers:

  • Up to 2GB of bonus data on selected plans (main regions)
  • $30 Credit for online phone activations on a monthly plan with Prepaid



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