WIND Extends $39 Go Unlimited Deal Until Oct 18

02 October 2015

WIND has been running this deal for a while now, but that doesn't mean it's not one that's worth paying attention to. Usually $45, the currently $39 Go Unlimited plan gives you 5GB of data at full speed, after which your speed is slowed but you incur no charges.

Probably the biggest draw card to this plan, after the obvious value of 5GB per month for $39, is the lack of overage fees. If you happen to go over your data cap, your speed is slowed, but you don't end up with one of those crazy bill shock horror stories. You can essentially go wild with internet usage, safe in the knowledge that the worst that can happen is slow internet.

Moreover, with 5GB on board the average user is unlikely to get anywhere near that cap. So get streaming!

Other perks include:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide calls
  • Unlimited calls to the US from Canada
  • Unlimited messaging (text, picture, video) within Canada and from Canada to the USA
  • Unlimited global texting (but not picture or video messaging)
  • International calling rates starting at 1c/min

Oct 18 may be your last chance, or it may not

This is the second time we've reported on WIND's $39 promotion. The first time we noted that, while it was slated to end of Sept 14, the Terms and Condition's reserved the right to extend the deal until Sept 30.

Predictably, this happened. At the time we reached out to inquire as to any further extensions (as have just happened). To which we received a perhaps not-surprising response:

Moral of the story: WIND has already extended this deal at least twice. The current end date might not be your last chance to get on board, but that doesn't mean it's not worth investigating getting involved while you have the chance.



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