Canadians now have more control over their wireless service

27 June 2017

Canadian Wireless News

Good news for anyone looking to make a switch from their wireless plan to another: you have options. 

There was a time when Canadians had their hands tied but now the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) have announced some big news. Beginning December 1, 2017, both individuals and small businesses can have their wireless devices / cellphones unlocked for free. 

There's more:
  • Moving forward after December 1, 2017, all new devices purchased will be unlocked. 
  • Trial period for newly purchased phones will now allow customers to return their phone and cancel their recently purchased service if done within the 15 day trial period. The device must be in near-new condition and they can not have used more than half of their monthly limits. 
  • The service provider cannot change any voice, text, or data services during the contract period with a customer (without their consent).

What this means for you 

Score one for all Canadians! These upgrades by the CRTC benefit all customers of wireless devices and subscribers. When the option to leave a service or cell phone plan is there, and users have the ability to choose, they will be able to take advantage of special offers within the market. 

Comparing cell phone plans should be a sport! Finding the best deal around isn't as gratifying if we can't actually leave our current cell phone provider or bring our own phone without hassle. This new Wireless Code allows us to do just that. 

If all of this good news isn't enough, know this: Canadians with disabilities will now be allowed a 30-day extended trial period to try out 100% of their chosen service. They can test out their text, data, and talk to see if it is a suitable plan for their special needs. If it isn't, they switch. Easy as that. 

If you're currently on a plan and have gone well beyond your trial period, you can still switch. After December 1, 2017, just pay off any outstanding balances owed to your cell phone provider and ask to have your cell phone unlocked. By this code, they will do it without hassle. 

What to do right now

While we all wait for the big rollout of this new CRTC code, let's compare cell phone plans. Check out the many cell phone plans combinations there are. Even if you don't choose your dream cell phone plan today, being mindful of the types of combinations and deals there are out there can help you make that switch with ease when December rolls around.

Finding the best cell phone plan for you is easy when you use WhistleOut. Now, it's easier than ever. The new Wireless Code from CRTC can help make everything run smoothly and we couldn't be happier for subscribers. New or old, switching or staying with your current carrier, use WhistleOut to search, compare, and make a switch to a better plan for you.



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