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Wireless Plan Questions
  • How much data do I need?
    The average person uses about 2GB of data per month, but it varies a lot based on how you use your phone. If you like watching streaming video you should consider 5GB per month. Read More
  • Can I keep my phone number?
    Yes, you can always keep your phone number when moving to a new provider. No exceptions. You will get this option during the sign up process. Read More
  • Can I take my phone to a new provider?
    All Canadian phone services use a similar network setup, so phones bought in Canada will work with all the major providers. You need to check if your phone is network locked, though. The provider you bought it from can help unlock it, but there may be a fee.
  • What is Prepaid / Postpaid?
    Prepaid plans are paid for in advance with a credit recharge. Prepaid is a great way to keep track of your bill and know exactly what you're spending. With Postpaid plans you are billed at the end of the month This bill includes the service fee plus any excess usage charges.
  • How do I pay for the phone?
    You can buy a phone upfront in full, or spread the payments out over 24-months - it's up to you. Look for these payment options when running a search on WhistleOut.
  • Can I use my phone overseas?
    You need to check your handset's compatibility before travelling, as it depends on your destination. As a guide, phones bought in Canada will work in the US, UK, most of Europe and parts of Asia.
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Review
| By Joseph Hanlon

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review


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NEW! Samsung GALAXY S7 EDGE: Compare all Carrier Deals

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NEW! Samsung GALAXY S7: Compare all Carrier Deals
NEW! Samsung GALAXY S7: Compare all Carrier Deals

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The Best of Samsung GALAXY Range
The Best of Samsung GALAXY Range

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iPhone 5s - Compare Plans and Prices

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iPhone X 64GB

iPhone X 64GB

Apple's revolutionary 10-year anniversary edition phone with 5.8" OLED all-screen Super Retina display, Face ID and wireless charging

iPhone 8 64GB

iPhone 8 64GB

Apple's 2017 device features a new glass design, 4.7" Retina HD display with True Tone, 12MP camera and wireless charging

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB

Apple's 2017 device features a new glass design, large 5.5" Retina HD display with True Tone, 12MP wide-angle and telephoto camera and wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung's 2018 Flagship water-resistant device with an infinity 6.2" Quad-HD+ display, AR emojis and camera upgrades

How to find the best cell phone plan

Choosing the best new cell phone plans is a combination of the following factors:

  • setting a budget
  • understanding how many calls you make and much data you need
  • finding a carrier with good coverage where you live, work and travel to regularly

Looking at old phone bills will help you assess your usage. Asking friends and family about their experience with different networks will be the best way to figure out which provider covers your area best.

With this information you are ready to filter down the thousands of Cell phone plans available to a manageable list of real considerations. The WhistleOut comparison engine will help you dig into your shortlist to be sure that the plans you are looking at come with all of the features you need at a price that you think is fair.

We're the only website to dynamically compares single-line and multi-line cell phone plans from all major cell carriers across Australia:

Do you need a new phone?

Smartphones have quickly become an important part of a modern life. Like a computer in your pocket, a smartphone gives you access to the internet, apps, instant messaging and lots more.

Whether you're after a premium new Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, or budget-priced models from Huawei and Alcatel, we can show you how to match this with your usage and data needs on a single line or for your whole family.

To help you choose, we've got comprehensive Cell phone reviews and ratings. We put all new phones through their paces, testing screen quality, camera performance, battery life and more.

We also pull in reviews from other experts from around the world to help find the right phone.

If there's a carrier exclusive phone, our technology also includes phone substitution where it can automatically insert a 'closest match' handset into search results for Cell providers who don't stock the exact model you are searching for.

What is a BYO Phone plan?

BYO phone plans is a cell phone service sold without a new phone handset, and usually without a long term contract. The provider gives you a SIM card to put into a phone you currently own which gives you access to their network and services.

BYO Phone plans are becoming increasingly popular because of the flexibility you get from not being locked into a contract. With BYO, you are free to move to a different service provider any time you like.

These plans are also extremely affordable. Without an expensive phone to pay for, the monthly cost of a BYO service can be half as much as a traditional phone plan, or less.

Why choose a BYO Phone plan?

The major advantages of BYO plans include:

  • No contracts or long-term commitments
  • Save on the monthly cost of a new phone
  • Get many of the same benefits of a phone plan
  • Upgrade to the latest plans when they come out

What's the difference between Prepaid and No Contract?

There are a few important differences to consider when looking at Prepaid and No Contract phone plans. With No Contract plans, you are sent a bill at the end of the month which includes the monthly access fee plus any charges for usage on top of your standard inclusions.

With Prepaid plans, you need to recharge your account at the beginning of the month, and then again if you use up all of the included credit. You are protected from excess usage charges as your access to specific services will stop when you reach your limits.

Why choose No Contract?

  • Convenience of automatic renewals
  • Same features and extras as with phone plans
  • No contracts
  • Keep your phone number when you switch

Why choose Prepaid?

  • No excess usage charges - only pay for what you use
  • No long term commitments
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Great for kids and teens

Do you need a cheap phone plan?

You might be surprised to know how much money you can save on your phone bill each month. Phone plans can include numerous extra features, but you will save money by not paying for features you don’t use. Consider the following to see whether you are currently on the right plan.

Our best tip is to give the little guys a shot. There may be comfort in dealing with the major providers, but it is the smaller telcos that have the best deals. These companies share the major networks, so you don't miss out on coverage or speed, and some have local call centres offering great customer support.

Also, choose no contract plans and keep an eye out for a bargain. Phone plans change all the time and you can move your phone number to whichever provider you like. When you spot a great deal, jump on it!

These decisions could help you save on your bill:

  • How much data do you actually use each month?
  • Do you make international phone calls?
  • Is overseas roaming important to you?
  • Will you make use of a data sharing feature?
  • Do you need a new phone or is your old one working fine?

Always up-to-date

All plan options on all the major cell phone carriers

Whether you need multiple lines combined in a family plan, or a great value no-contract cell phone plan, you can find what you're looking for at WhistleOut.

Our data is always accurate and up-to-date, so you can be confident that you'll discover the best Cell phone plans in market right now.

Search options include:

  • Search for Monthly, 12-month or 24-month contract plans
  • Focus on prepaid phone plans and save
  • Compare the telcos you know and trust
  • Phone financing handset repayment options
  • Additional devices to share data with

Shortcut search

Need more than one line for your wireless plan? Easy.

The more lines, the more price components. We instantly calculate all the fees, charges and inclusions on every line to help you get transparent price quotes across carriers. We'll show if the data is shared or in separate buckets on each line.

Looking just for a new phones on each line, simply add your perfect phone for each line. If you already have a phone for one or more of the lines, simply select BYO on that line only so it can be priced and compared properly. Contract or no-contract, we'll compare it all.

Advanced options

Powerful search filters for targeted results

If you're looking to compare Cell phone plans across only a small selection of cell phone providers, you can apply search filters in the Advanced Options section on the Search Results page.

There are other important filters, including:

  • Contract length settings
  • Filter by your preferred suppliers only
  • Prepaid expiry period
  • Plans with internationals calls

Tell us which Cell service provider you're currently with and we'll see whether there are any special deals for staying with your carrier, or for switching to a different network.