Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

20 April 2017

There was a time when we took whatever plan Mr. Cell Phone Guy  offered and were quiet about it. 

It was enough that we were able to get on a cheap cell phone plan with a phone that had some pretty cool features. We had few options years ago. Customers were forced to choose between a contract with crippling monthly statements or a shady kiosk for prepaid phones. 

For so many, the stigma of signing on for a prepaid plan is still there. 

But things have changed! Contract plans have been updated, but more importantly, prepaid phone plans are almost too good to ignore now. 

Here’s why we love prepaid phone plans: 

• No contract

• No credit check

• You can switch plans or carriers completely, whenever you want

• Hassle free payments. You pre-pay. Then, you pre-pay again. You repeat until you don’t want to use this plan anymore.

• You can still have access to quality streaming and coverage and never tell the difference between postpaid and prepaid.

Here's why you’ll want prepaid in the first place:

When you sign up with any carrier on a prepaid plan, you can customize it based on what they offer. For data, text, and talk, you’ll pre-pay based on the amount you’ll be using. 

For an idea of what a simple no-contract unlimited cell plan looks like, check out Public Mobile's 30 Day Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk Plan. For $75 a month, you get 4G data, with unlimited talk and text. We’ll share more plans below. 

On a personal level, here is why you might seriously consider prepaid: 

  • You don't want to be locked into any contract. At all. When you have prepaid, you never have to worry about "getting out" of a contract. You're someone who appreciates the freedom that only prepaid cell phone plans can offer you. 
  • Your credit is 'meh.' If you are unsure of your credit or already know you won't be approved for a good deal on a smartphone cell phone plan, you're not left out in the cold. You can enjoy a great phone with data, text, and talk all for a reasonable price without a credit check. 
  • You want complete control over your bank account. Security is everything these days. If you're someone who does not want yet another monthly transaction coming from your bank account automatically, prepaid is for you.

Is there such a thing as prepaid unlimited data? 

No. Not yet. Right now the best offer any data hungry-customer can hope for is the 30-Day Unlimited Province-Wide Talk+text+6GB prepaid plan from Public Mobile. This gives you the kind of data that is actually the average of what a typical "heavy data use" customer needs each month. So you never actually feel as if you're without "unlimited" data. In this plan, the "unlimited" is actually unlimited province and nationwide texting and talking. Complete Unlimited Data, however, is simply not available right now. While some carriers in other regions do offer unlimited data, it's important to know that you are actually missing out on all that much. 

Many carriers offer unlimited data in a big way but there is a truth: unlimited data isn't really unlimited. There is a data cap (eventually) depending on the carrier. Once that "unlimited" cap is reached  there is something called deprioritization which temporarily slows your data down to 2G speeds during peak hours.  Maybe, just maybe, unlimited data isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Unsure of exactly how much data you need for your prepaid plan? Read this.

If you're looking to spend less on  your prepaid cell phone plans, you can save by going for less than the "average" of 6GB monthly. 

Here are a few good prepaid plans with 2GB worth of data and unlimited talk and text: 

And here are few prepaid plans with 1GB worth of data and unlimited talk and text:



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