Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in Canada

13 April 2017

Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

What Do Seniors Want in Cell Phone Plans?

Seniors want a reliable phone that works. Most just want to make calls and receive calls. The very notion of a call dropping is something they don’t ever want to consider, much less deal with (landlines never had dropped calls). 

Seniors may not want to text, stream music, or browse the internet, but they certainly want to know that they have that option. There are many plans out there that can satisfy senior cell phone needs. Many are great pay-as-you-go setups, ideal for seniors. 

Here are some top options for you. 

Koodo Prepaid Base Plan

What we like about this plan is that it is on the Telus network so you should get some pretty good coverage. For seniors, this plan is perfect. For $15 prepaid, you can get a base plan. For a more complete  prepaid package it comes to $28+ monthly tab. With  this, you get 100 Canada-wide anytime minutes, unlimited messaging, and pa-per-use data at $5 per 100MB.  

Chatr Mobile Province-Wide Plan

This phone plan will cost $10 up front and $35 per month, prepaid. For more data, it's $10 a month. This is for Province-Wide coverage and will give you 100 texts and 500MB of data. You simply recharge every month. Easy! 

Public Mobile Unlimited Province-Wide

If your senior friend or family member is looking for a temporary phone plan, this could be the best bet. Public Mobile lets you create your own plan by picking your talk, text and data option. Available options are:

  • Unlimited Province-wide talk, Unlimited Canada-wide Talk, Unlimited Canada and US (extra $3) or No talk
  • Global Text or No text
  • 150MB data, 500MB data, 1GB data or No data

Public Mobile does not sell phones, you need to Bring Your Own Phone to use the service.



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