Best LG G3 cases

01 August 2014

The LG G3 is finally upon us. Now that you’ve got one, you’d better get a case to protect that shiny new phone. Ultra-thin bezels may make for a pretty device, but they offer poor protection against unexpected knocks and drops.

Luckily, there are already a bunch of viable and stylish options out there.


The brand is pretty much synonymous with hardcore protection. The Defender series from Otterbox is one of the most damage-resistant options on the market, with an important selling point. You can take off the outer layer whenever you don’t think you’ll be needing serious levels of impact-resistance, leaving you with the still quite-sturdy inner case for day-to-day use.

This seriously reduces the footprint of your phone in your pocket and makes for a much more comfortable experience. Then, whenever you think you’ll need it, you can just clip the external protection back on again.

LG official Quick Circle Case

Usually we’re not big fans of proprietary cases; they’re expensive and don’t offer much bang for your buck. This time around, however, LG is definitely giving you a good reason to shell out a solid $60 or more (depending on your region) for the officially-branded product.

The Circle Case isn’t a new idea, window cases have been around for ages now. Where LG differs is in how it’s implemented the software, the look, the installation and the fact that the case gives you wireless Qi charging. Granted, it would have been nice for that to have been included in the phone from the get-go, but what are you gonna do?

Probably our favorite part is the look of the UI. The icons are colorful and fun, and the animations are great. When you power it up there’s even a cool little animation that runs around the rim of the window. It’s small reminders of quality like this that can make all the difference in a user experience.

As for girth the case barely adds any, because you remove the rear of the G3 and replace it with the case itself. This does have the unfortunate side effect of adding no durability to the phone from drops whatsoever, but at least your screen will be safe and your phone will look awesome.


Verus, if you can get your hands on one, makes a great-looking protective case called the Iron Shield. It’s a combination of a removable inner TPU shell and an aluminium rim that runs around the edge. If the desire takes you, you can always opt to leave the metal part at home for that teensy bit of extra pocket room, but that would forego the classy touch that it adds to the case.


One of the more successful case-makers to emerge in the smartphone market, Spigen has a range of reliable cases for most big-name Android devices. Right now there are four options: the Ultra Fit, Slim Armor, Ultra Hybrid and Wallet S. The Ultra Hybrid is perhaps better for devices like the HTC One (M8), due to its transparent design.

Our picks are the Wallet S and the Slim Armor. The Wallet S is a good option, as it has the features of a normal wallet case but can also be folded in to a stand. Considering that the 5.5 inch 2560x1440 display of the G3 is its most prominent feature, a case that lends itself to video consumption definitely has its merits.

The Slim Armor we would choose purely because it is a stylish alternative with good protection. There are a full seven colors to choose from, so you can hopefully show a little self-expression while keeping your phone safe from scratches or a cracked screen.


Much like Spigen, Incipio is conspicuous for its quality and its style. There are already a good range of cases available, ranging from the stylish and protective Highland wallet case, to the rubbery Dualpro.

Our pick is the Dualpro Shine. It has the same great design and protection of the original, but for $5 more you get an aluminium finish that adds a wealth of class.

Althernatively, if you’re after a super lightweight case that somehow still looks good, the Feather is a good option. Although for around $20, it seems comparatively expensive considering it uses much less material than the rest of the gang.



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