11 best iPhone 6 cases: style, function and protection

17 November 2014

Now that you have your shiny new iPhone 6, it's probably a good idea to protect that big 4.7 inch screen. Lucky for you, one of the best things about owning such a popular phone is the huge range of cases that are available for it.

A lot of these aren't an option for anything other than an iPhone, so feel free to brag to your Android or Windows Phone-toting friends when they ask where you got that stylish cover.

Mujjo – flip and sleeve wallet

Mujjo makes three wallet cases for the iPhone 6, the first two of which are available in tan or black leather. The first is a fairly standard design with a pocket on the back to store your cards. The second is basically the same, except the cards slide in sideways.

The last one still has a card pocket, but is a sleeve in to which you insert your phone and only comes in black. It’s a bit classier in terms of look and should do better to protect the screen, but you’re sacrificing easy-access.

TwelveSouth – SurfacePad flip wallet

TwelveSouth SurfacePad cases are made from Napa leather and are available in black, tan, red and white. The outer stitching is as much a feature as it is for durability, and the inside of the screen flap has slots for your cards. It even folds around to act as a display stand.

It’s not going to be super-protective against bumps or drops, though. Only the left side of the phone is at all protected, and the leather there doesn’t make it all the way to the corners. This is a flashy case that will make your phone look great and protect your screen from scratches; not one that will add any real impact durability.

JimmyCASE – Mahogany wallet

There are plenty of wooden covers out there, and plenty of wallet ones, too. Where JimmyCASE sets itself apart is by combining the two with the addition of a striped fabric bumper available in various themes.

Thanks to the protective rim, it should offer good resistance against drops, too. Unfortunately you’re not going to be able to get one in every region, but with any luck you’ll find a source near you.

Spigen – medium protection

The Spigen Neo Hybrid and Aluminum Fit cases are much more traditional in their design and appearance. The should offer good resistance against accidental drops, but are well made enough to not sacrifice a bit of style and originality when it comes to appearance. Both cases are similarly priced and come in various colors, so it’s really up to you to decide which look you prefer.

Incipio – medium protection

Incipio is another great maker to more-standard cases. The Phenom and Edge are great examples of this, or you could go for the Highland wallet case, which offers the same protection but adds a wallet flap to the fray. Alternatively, if minimalism is your thing, the thin Feather case is surprisingly striking for such a simple design.

Grovemade – luxury wood and leather

Grovemade cases are more expensive, but it shows. The cases are simple, hand-crafted and carefully attended to by the team of in-house creators.

You can go with a flip case with wooden back and leather cover, a standard wooden case or simply a wooden bumper. All three options let you choose between Maple or Walnut.

The case above is obviously an iPhone 5 version, but it's available for the iPhone 6 - it just doesn't have any pretty pictures yet.

Nodus – leather flip case

Nodus is another premium case designer, although it’ll cost you about half what Grovemade asks. There’s only one option this time around; available in brown and black.

It’s a flip-case with internal pocket. A soft interior and the ability to fold in to a landscape-orientation stand. It’s a bit more protective than the TwelveSouth SurfacePad, but offers a distinctly different style and still won’t totally guard against accidental droppage.

PureGear – Canvas or faux-leather folio

The Express Folio from PureGear is a flip case that actually offers some decent protection as well. It comes in three colors – black, caramel and navy – the covers of which are respectively made of either faux leather or canvas. You can also use it as a wallet, thanks to three card slots under the flap, or use it as a stand.

Pad&Quill – Protective leather wallet

The Little Pocket Book is a mixture of protective and classy wallet case. There’s a sound housing for the phone to sit in and stay protected from drops. Under the flap are four card slots, one of which is transparent for your driver’s licence. Cards aren’t all you keep in your wallet, though, which is why there’s a slit under the card slots for you to keep your notes in.

This isn’t a compact option, but it’s classy as all getup. The tan protective bumper intentionally gives the illusion of pages and there’s an elastic loop to keep the flap closed, completing the image of a leather pocketbook.

You can even pick what color you want to interior to be, although your options are limited by whether you pick the brown or black exterior.

Urban Armor – tough

Need more protection? Urban Armor has you covered with a range of different looks. Some cases even offer 360 degrees of protection thanks to a front screen guard. There's also a folio option with card slots if you like to combine your tough guard with a wallet-style option.

Otterbox – ultra tough

The Otterbox Defender is tough, adjustable and customizable. You can strip the case down component by component, based on how much protection you think you're going to need that day. There's also front-side screen protector, just to make sure you're always covered.

The customization comes in with the color schemes. You can pick and choose the color of the slipcover, the outer shell cover and finally between black and white for the holster with built-in belt clip. This is a tough cover built to take a lot of punishment in harsh environments.



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