How to Use Spotify Rewind

16 June 2015

Spotify has released a new feature called “Rewind”. After you sign in (signing up to a new account is free, if you don’t have one), you will be prompted to pick three artists that you ‘love’. Based on these pics, the algorithm will make a guess what music you would be listening to if this was the 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, or 60s.

The feature is currently hosted on its own website, which in turn triggers the desktop and in-browser web apps. Unfortunately, this means no phone support for now. You can visit the website, but the browser app will not launch, and the Android or iOS apps are not triggered.

The web service is a little buggy at the moment, so you may have been having some trouble. Here’s how to get things going.

First, go to the Spotify Rewind website and sign in by clicking “Let’s Rewind”. Pick three artists that you love (keeping in mind your results will be based on these selections) and hit “See My Rewind.”

The website will count backwards until 1960, at which point your personalised taste of the past will appear. Scroll down to move through the decades. Pausing on any one will give you an audio example of what lies in wait. If you like what you see or hear, hit “Get my playlist”, which will open the browser app in another tab.

This is the point where the whole thing can go south. In our trials, we were often taken back to the original sign-in page to start over again. It always worked the second time, however.

On a phone the redirect to sign-in appears to be infinite. Hopefully we’ll see it added to the app itself in the near future.

Once it does work and the web app launches, you can switch to the desktop player by hitting “Play on Spotify”.

Each playlist is pretty short – between 5 and 10 tracks in our several tests.

This is a fun way of checking out music that may be new to you, or enjoying some good old nostalgia. Even so, considering the shortness of each playlist, the often clear-misses in terms of what you want to listen to (John Denver turned up far more often than we’d have liked), the bugginess of the feature and the fact that it’s not mobile-ready, you’re probably better off using Spotify’s “Browse” section and hitting the “Decades” option if you want a good dose of past tunage.



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