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#1 Deal Apple iPhone 7 from MTS

Status: Live
  • MTS is offering the iPhone 7 for more than half off
  • You Save: $500
  • What: Get an iPhone 7 with 2 year term for 56% off
  • Why: Because the iPhone 7 has never been cheaper, don't miss out. MTS is only offering this $500 discount with 2-year term.

#2 Deal LG G Pad for $0 + 2GB Shareable Bonus Data

Status: Live
  • LG G Pad for FREE
  • You Save: $240
  • What: Get an LG G Pad for free when you add a tablet to your 2-year Share Everything plan
  • Why: If you ever wanted a tablet, you can get it now for free, so why not? Add your Tablet Plan now!

#3 Deal LG G5 $100 off from Telus

Status: Live
  • Trade in your old device and get a new one at discounted rate
  • You Save: $100+
  • What: Receive $100 off when you trade in your device or upgrade your device
  • Why: This deal is perfect if you or your family members want a new LG G5

#4 Deal iPhone 5s - Big Savings

Status: Live
  • Get the Apple iPhone 5s for $0
  • You Save: $150 instantly from Virgin
  • What: Get the iPhone 5s for only $0 on a Gold Plan and receive $150 Bonus Gift
  • Why: Sounds like it could be the perfect Christmas gift, hurry, offer ends soon

#5 Deal Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge - Big Savings

Status: Live
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge
  • You Save: $200 off
  • What: Help celebrate Fido's 20th Anniversary and get $200 off GS7 or GS7 Edge
  • Why: The Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge is the perfect smartphone for anyone, get it today!

#6 Deal Apple iPhone SE - Big Savings

Live Deal
  • Apple iPhone SE for $15 a month! ($360 OFF)
  • You Save: $244
  • What: For a limited time, get the Apple iPhone SE for $0 and put the $360 on your tab. Pay off your tab at $15 a month for 24 months.
  • Why: The iPhone SE is one of the best iPhones in history, what are you waiting for?

#7 Deal Save with Chatr!

Status: Live
  • Sign up for Auto-Pay with Chatr to save!
  • You Save: $80
  • What: Chatr will give all users who sign up for auto-pay a $10 bonus credit for 8 months!
  • Why: You might as well get paid for having your phone in service. Save $80!

#8 Deal Get an Extra GIG For Free

Status: Live
  • Videotron Buy One Get One deal with Data
  • You Save: Frustration from running out of data
  • What: Get an extra GB of data on the $54.95 Plan from Videotron
  • Why: If you are deciding on which data plan to get, get one that gives you more than you pay for!

#9 Deal Google Pixel

  • Google Pixel from Freedom Mobile
  • You Save: $100 Upfront
  • What: Purchase a Google Pixel and get $100 off upfront cost after 2 year agreement and trade in.
  • Why: This is a great deal for users looking to get a brand new phone with HUGE SAVINGS

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