4 new smartphone games you need to play

03 February 2017

Looking for a new way to kill time on your smartphone? Need something more entertaining than using social media to watch the world slowly crumble? Well delete Facebook, delete Twitter, and check out these four great games!

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo's second smartphone game, based on the long-running tactical RPG series of the same name. Heroes shrinks down Fire Emblem's turn-based strategic combat for the small screen, and features characters from the series' entire history. If you're after strategy on the go, Fire Emblem Heroes is hard to pass up.

Fire Emblem Heroes is free to play, but additional characters can be purchased through in-app purchases.

iOS | Android

Charming Keep

Charming Keep is an Australian-made clicker-style game that lives up to first part of its name. You build keeps, put stores in them, earn gold, use that gold to earn more gold, and rescue princes. While it's not overly hard, Charming Keep is an engaging way to kill a few minutes every couple of hours. 

The game itself is free-to-play, but you can buy gems with real money to speed up your progress. These gems can also be earned in game for completing various tasks.

iOS | Android

Super Gridland

Super Gridland is a match-three puzzle game crossed with a survival RPG. During the day, you match tiles to collect resources and build a village, while at night, you match tiles to defend against monsters insistent on wrecking your hard work. The premise is simple, but there's a surprising amount of depth involved, making Super Gridland dangerously addictive.

iOS | Android

Ninja Spinki Challenges

Ninja Spinki Challenges is the latest game from the creator of Flappy Bird - Dong Nguyen - and mercifully, it's not quite as brutal. The game is comprised of six different mini-games built around dexterity. Some involve dodging enemies, others involve throwing shurikens. These games can be played as timed challenges where you have to meet a certain objective, or as endless modes where you try and rack up a high score.

Ninja Spinki Challenge is free-to-play, and supported by ads that you can watch to restart a level from the point where you failed.

iOS | Android  



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