Fido Black Friday Phone Sales are Here

26 November 2015

On top of its $6 off plans per-month deal, Fido is now also offering discounts on select phones across its range. You guessed it: Black Friday has reared its head once more.

Weirdly enough, Fido isn't doing too well on the advertising front. The website's main page mentions nothing of the sale. If you make it through to the cell phone pages, a few phones have a questionably-nondescript sticker saying "Black Friday."

These are the phones that have been reduced for the sale. How much will you save? Fido doesn't seem to want to tell you. The prices are down, Fido's slapped a Black Friday sticker on them, but the phone pages themselves look pretty much like it's business-as-usual. It's actually like Fido expects you to know how much these phones cost normally, and automatically realise the kind of deal you're getting.

Lucky for you, we do know how much they were before and, as always, we're here to help.

Most of the phones are only on sale on one, or a couple of plans, but not across the board.

The Phones

Samsung Galaxy S6 - The S6 comes in three storage options: 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Despite being around 6 months old, this is still the most popular Android handset of 2015, and one of the best phones on the market. Its camera is absolutely fantastic, hardware powerful and new glass + aluminium design is elegant. This is a great phone to grab on any day of the week, although it's even better when it's on sale.

The Fido discounts only apply if you grab it on a Fido Text & Talk Smart Plan, which range from 300MB to 5GB.

Galaxy S6 (32GB)

Galaxy S6 (64GB)

Galaxy S6 (128GB)

Smart plan: $250
Smart Plan: $425
Standard Plan: $485
Galaxy S6 32GB on Fido plans Galaxy S6 64GB on Fido plans Galaxy S6 128GB on Fido plans

LG G4 - The G4 is the equal of the Galaxy S6 is just about every way that counts, although it does only come in a 32GB storage model. The good news is, despite offering an almost identically-awesome experience to the GS6, it's quite a bit cheaper. Check out that $99 upfront payment, compared to the $250 of the GS6. This is a seriously good phone, for a seriously low price. Awesome camera, awesome hardware, awesome phone.

You can grab the G4 on one of the same Smart Plans as the GS6 and grab the Black Friday discount. On all other plans it's its regular price.

Galaxy S6 Edge - The Galaxy S6 Edge is pretty much identical to the flat Galaxy S6, but for its curved sides and inflated cost. If you're happy to pay an extra $100 for fashion then that's entirely up to you. Fido only offers the 32GB storage option.

This one you can get on a Smart Plan, or on a Max Plan. Max Plans cost more per month, but feature a smaller upfront payment.

iPhone 5s - Apple's flagship from 2013, the 5s is showing its age. That being said, it's still a decent choice if you want a mid-range, affordable iPhone. It's your only choice if you want an iPhone with a 4 inch screen, as opposed to the 4.7 inch minimum of modern iPhones.

The 5s is only on sale on Fido Max Plans.

Galaxy S4: 2013's flagship, the S4 is showing its age. Happily, this is reflected in its now lower-than-ever price tag. It'll get you by, but its time in the spotlight is well past.

The S4 is only on sale with a Standard Plan. Standard Plans feature a higher up-front payment, when compared to Smart Plans, and include no data. If you'd prefer to go with a Smart Plan, the S4 isn't technically on sale, but the up-front payment was already $0, so it's not like it had anywhere to go.


Galaxy S6 Edge

iPhone 5s

Galaxy S4

Smart plan: $99
Smart Plan: $350
Standard Plan: $250
Max Plan: $200
Max Plan: $0
LG G4 32GB on Fido plans Galaxy S6 Edge on Fido plans Apple iPhone 5s on Fido plans Galaxy S4 16GB on Fido plans



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