Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Meets Abysmal Reception

01 September 2015

The first game to be part of the new Star Wars canon designed for mobile, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes , has been met with stern criticism by fans online. A new trailer, released only today on YouTube, shows a comment section flooded with negativity, and a Like counter that sits devastatingly west of center.

The game is not even out yet; it will hit Android and iPhone in the holiday season this year. The hate was sparked by the trailer, which shows in-game footage of the anticipated game that appears stale, and with the distinct suggestion, although no actual depiction, of a reliance on in-game purchases.

You can check out the trailer for yourself.

It’s certainly a lacklustre affair, but you may be surprised at the level of discontent being fielded by the online community. After all, this wouldn’t be the first sub-par Star Wars game to ever hit the market.

The problem is that this one had a certain level of expectation behind it. This was to be the first SW game of the new canon; an extensive web of storylines, all of which feed back in to the narrative universe as an inarguable part of the storyline.

Out with the old, insult with the new

Star Wars fans were already angry at Disney for decreeing all past canonical narratives, except for the movies and a few TV shows, are now out. None of it ever happened as far as the new owners are concerned.

The trade-off was meant to be a new, easier-to follow and respectable story line all planned-out under the gaze of one production entity. Now we’re seeing a big, ugly gap in the fourth wall.

This game manages to shoe-horn itself in to the mix by reportedly masquerading as a game within the Star Wars universe; in theory, a Star Wars character could sit down in a cantina somewhere and play it themselves.

The idea that there’s no reason a story couldn’t crop up down the line featuring a scene with Boba Fett (or maybe his progeny) playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes as he himself is frankly ludicrous. It flies in the face of what Disney promised in part when it nullified all those years of Star Wars extended universe stories in favour of the new order: respectability.

To add insult to injury, the game itself looks underwhelming. Clunky gameplay and a menu system familiar to anyone ever disappointed by a game reliant on micro-transactions will immediately greet with suspicion.

Hopefully Galaxy of Heroes won’t turn out to be nothing more than a cheap, insulting grab for micro-payment dollars. If it doesn’t, whoever made this trailer needs a stern talking-to.

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