Tech21 Evo Frame Wallet: Review

25 August 2015

When we choose a cover for a smartphone we’re usually looking to either personalise our phone with some colour and style, or we’re looking to protect the phone from bumps, scratches or outright disasters.

Often, while we might want to accomplish both with a phone case, the two don’t overlap. Sturdy phone cases tend to be bulky and often come with high-vis fluoro flourishes, while fashion cases are little more like a thin rubber sleeve.

The Tech21 Evo Frame Wallet case happens to be a pleasing mix of the two. It houses the phone in Tech21’s patented brand of shock-proof protection and it doesn’t look too shabby. It is undoubtedly a masculine case, but it has a sharp business aesthetic we can get behind. The case has a subtle texture to it, which is nice, and a magnet flap to secure the case closed.

Size-wise, the Evo Frame is pretty svelte. We’ve been using the case on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and it takes the total thickness up from 7mm to 12mm. This might seem a significant difference, but we’ve found it is still acceptable slim with the phone in and the case shut.

As the name suggests, it also features an internal slot for storing credit cards (or the like). This slot can comfortable hold only two cards, though — a third card is a stretch and starts to obstruct the magnet lock — and we’ll admit this was a surprise. With wallet in the title, we assumed we might be able to fit a few more than two cards inside the flap.

We do like that the case design can double as a phone stand for when you’re watching a video on a flat surface. This is one element we definitely missed when using a Samsung branded case for the S6 Edge before now.

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Some cases, especially protective cases, can cost around $100, but the Evo Frame costs half as much, or less if you can find a bargain.



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