Virgin Mobile introduces Roam Sweet Roam

31 May 2016

Virgin Mobile has flipped the switch on its all-new Roam Sweet Roam international options, which allow customers to use their phones globally on a pay-per-day basis.

If you’re on a Virgin unlimited calling plan (either local or nationwide), you can opt in to Roam Sweet Roam and get unlimited calls, texts and 100MB of daily data when traveling outside Canada. If you’re heading to the US, the feature is available for $5 per day, while more than 100 other countries are accessible for $10 daily.

The add-on includes both incoming and outgoing texts and voice calls from your destination back to Canada. International calls, and premium text messages, aren’t included.

The details

The good news is that you’ll only need to pay the daily charge for a maximum of 20 days per billing cycle. After this, you can keep using Roam Sweet Roam for the rest of the month without the $5 or $10 minimum daily fee. However, if you buy additional data beyond the 100MB per day, you will need to pay up for any extra megabytes.

If you exceed the 100MB data limit in a day – and let’s face it, it’s not exactly a generous amount – you’ll receive a text from Virgin Mobile with the option to buy an additional 100MB, for either $5 (in the US) or $10.

Customers on eligible Virgin Mobile plans can enable the service by texting ROAM to 4800. You only need to switch Roam Sweet Roam on once, after which it will turn on automatically when traveling through included destinations. 

If you prefer a different travel option, Virgin Mobile also offers add-on data and voice Travel Passes, starting from $10.

Other ways to roam

The service is pretty much identical to parent company Bell’s Roam Better add-on, which again gives customers 100MB of data and unlimited calls and texts each day. Bell customers, like Virgin Mobile subscribers, will pay $5 per day in the US, and $10 per day in other included countries.

Roam Sweet Roam is also similar to Fido’s recently-launched roaming service, named Fido Roam. Again, Fido’s add-on is available for $5 per day in the US and $10 daily elsewhere – but customers can instead use the included talk, text and data allowance in their domestic Fido Pulse plan when traveling. Fido Roam is only payable for up to 10 days per billing cycle, after which customers can use their Pulse plan’s inclusions internationally at no extra cost. 

Finally, Rogers also offers a 'use your plan allowance' roaming feature, with its Roam Like Home option - again, priced at $5 per day in the US, and $10 per day everywhere else. 

Canadian passport image via Shutterstock 

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