Monthly $15.00 Prepaid

100 Local Minutes

Total Price
$15 per month + $9.95 upfront
None included
Calls & Texts
100 Minutes
Local Minutes

100 Messages
Nationwide Text messages
Prepaid (1 Month)
Per 1 Month Recharge
+ $9.95 Upfront
Direct purchasing link not supplied

Plan Details

Monthly Talk Time

  • 100 Local Anytime Minutes - Additional minute Rate is $0.20 per minute.
  • 100 Worldwide text messages - Additional text rate is $0.30 per text (Canada-wide) / $0.40 per text (U.S. & International).
  • $0.50/message for picture and video messages
  • Long distance (within Canada and from Canada to U.S.) Minute Rate is $0.50 per minute.

Features & Benefits

Unlimited Text

Unlimited text, picture & video messages. Sent messages include domestic text messages and exclude international, roaming, alerts, premium text messages and messages sent with an instant messaging application. Roaming messages include international GSM, CDMA and U.S. CDMA messages. Received messages include domestic, international, roaming and service-related messages from Bell and exclude premium, alerts or dial-up messages.

Unlimited international text messages ($25.75 and $35.75 plans only). Sent messages include text messages sent to an International phone number while in Canada and excludes domestic, roaming, alerts, premium text messages and messages sent with an instant messaging application. Received messages include text messages received while in Canada from International phone number and service-related messages from Bell and exclude domestic, roaming and premium messages, alerts or dial-up messages.

First 8 Months Bonus

Save an extra $5/month for the first 8 months with new activation when you pay your monthly rate.

Loyalty Rewards

With new activation, 50 local minutes are added for every 6 additional successful payments to a maximum of 200 minutes. Max. 1 payment eligible for loyalty rewards each month.

Other Included Features

With the Light Talk, Text and Internet Plans, the following features are also included:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Display
  • Message Centre Express
  • Call Waiting
  • Conference Calling

Activation Fees

$25 activation fee applies for activation of customer provided device; $25 activation fee waived with activation of new device. Prepaid activations through client care are subject to a $10 account set-up fee. Set-up fee waived with online activation at or in-store.

Additional Plan Information

A provincial government 9-1-1 fee may be applicable: QC 40¢ /mo., NS 43¢ /mo., NB 53¢ /mo., SK 62¢ /mo., PEI 70¢ /mo., AB 44¢ /mo., effective April 1, 2014. Bell remits required amount to government.

Large Network across Canada

Bell offers access to a large 4G network in Canada and covers 97% of the population. Also, it has unlimited access over 4000 free hotspots across Canada at participating McDonald's, Chapters Indigo and Tim Hortons.

Roaming is not available with this plan (only available on post-paid plans).

Free Shipping

Bell offers free shipping on all orders. Allow 3 to 5 days for standard delivery of any shipped items.

Key Points


  • Bring Your Own Phone


  • Able to change plan up and back for free

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront
Plan Bell Monthly $15.00 Prepaid $15.00
Minutes 100 Minutes (Local Minutes) -
Messages 100 (Nationwide Text messages) -
Fees SIM Card $9.95
Total $24.95


Rates Cost
Additional minutes $0.20 per minute
Text messages $0.00 each
Picture messages $0.00 each
Excess data $0 per MB

Data Packs

Description Cost Data Excess
100 MB Data add-on $10 per recharge 100MB $0.15 per MB
500 MB Data add-on $25 per recharge 500MB $0.05 per MB
1 GB Data add-on $30 per recharge 1GB $0.05 per MB
2 GB Data add-on $50 per recharge 2GB $0.05 per MB

Other Phones Available

Sort Phones:

Alcatel GO FLIP

Feature phone with 2MP camera and 2.8 inches QVGA display.

Alcatel U50

Android Nougat smartphone with 5" FWVGA display, quad core processor and 5MP camera

Samsung Galaxy J1

Entry-level smartphone with 4.3" display, 5MP camera and 4G LTE

Alcatel A50

Android smartphone with 5.2" display, a quad core processor and a 13MP camera.

More about Bell

Bell is one of the largest and well known communication providers in Canada. Bell Mobility was formerly Bell Cellular and is one of the few service providers that operates on CDMA technology. Bell Mobility is one of Canada’s big three carriers and provides wireless service to roughly 8.5 million subscribers nationwide. In 2011, Bell Mobility introduced LTE (Long Term Evolution) to increase customer bandwidth, speed and reliability.

Bell Mobility has plans to rollout LTE nationwide by 2016, with services currently covering 96% of the population. Bell Mobility a good range of the latest smartphones at competitive prices and a variety of payment methods. This includes monthly installment plans for customers interested in paying for their device each month rather than upfront.

Bell Mobility offers both prepaid or postpaid options for their customers for single lines and family share plans. If you are a frequent traveler and need to stay connected on the go, Bell offers a variety of international packages. These packages range from simple roaming packages to large Travel Passes which accommodate the most demanding wireless users. The majority of these packages can be added to your standard plan.

Getting Started: Bell Mobility Cell Phone Plans

Fast Facts: Bell Mobility
iPhone SE

Bell Mobility is one of Canada's leading communication providers founded way back in 1880. Bell is Canada's largest telecommunications company, providing mobile phone, TV, high speed and wireless Internet, and residential home phone services.

  • Network: Bell connects the vast majority of cell towers with fibre, the best network technology, to give customers a more reliable connection. In addition, their in-building coverage improvements deliver a stronger LTE signal. Backed by the latest network infrastructure technology, Bell also gives you access to a network offering the most cell towers connected by fibre.
  • Coverage: Bell Mobility offers Canadians one of the most reliable networks in the world. With Bell, customers will have access to Canada's largest LTE network which covers over 32 million Canadians from coast to coast.
  • Where to Buy: New customers purchase Bell products in services directly on the Bell website or customers can head into their nearest local Bell Mobility retail outfit to sign up.
  • Buying a New Phone from Bell: Buying a new phone from Bell Mobilty is a breeze. Customers will be required to provide their name, date of birth, Credit Card information and a valid Canadian ID.
  • Tethering: Customers on Bell can utilize the option to tether other smart devices using their monthly data amount. This give customer the chance to connect multiple device to the internet when your away from WiFi. 

Fact: Bell Mobility has a mobile app called MyBell that can help you do many things with your account. Whether your adding travel add-ons for your next trip, checking your monthly usage or simply paying your bill, the MyBell App allows you to take care of business from one convenient location.