Best Bell Cell Phone Plans

20 December 2017

If you want dependable cell phone service and an array of plan options, Bell could be your answer.

Bell is one of the largest and well known communication providers in Canada. Bell Mobility was formerly Bell Cellular and is one of the few service providers that operates on CDMA technology.

Bell Mobility is one of Canada’s big three carriers and provides wireless service to roughly 8.5 million subscribers nationwide.

Here are some great options Bell Mobility offers today.

Best Bell Plans
Plan Best For Lines Data Price Why
Shareable 1GB Low Data 1
starts at $45/mo Shareable plan with unlimited local calling plus WiFi hotspot tethering
Shareable 15GB Family 4 15GB 
starts at $145/mo 15GB of shareable data in addition to unlimited talk & text & music.  
Shareable 10GB Heavy Data 1 10GB
starts at $60/mo 10GB of data with unlimited texts & local calling included
Prepaid 25 Prepaid 1 no $25/mo 50 min of local calling & unlimited evening and weekend calling. 

Best Bell Low Data Plan

While carriers are adding more and more big data plans, there are still plenty of options for those with smaller data appetites. A low data cell phone plan is an affordable alternative for those who simply use less cellular data or rely on their home or work WiFi network.  

WhistleOut's Pick

Shareable 1GB

Why we love it: This plan has all the premium plan features--unlimited local calling, unlimited text, picture and video messaging and one shareable pool of data allowance that can be shared with up to nine more devices.

Cell Phone Plans

With at least 1GB data | Filters
  • Bring Your Own Device Promo 38
  • 1GB Data
  • No Contract
  • $38/mth + $25 Upfront

Best Bell Family Plan

Just like with dog food and diapers, buying in bulk can you can save you in wireless. Family plans are a great way to share data and save, especially when you don't need to be related to participate! With Bell's range of data plans, you and yours can have plenty of data to share across all lines, satisfying both small and large data appetites.

WhistleOut's Pick

Shareable 15GB

Why we love it: With Bell's 15GB share data plan, your family can count on unlimited talk & text and a generous 15GB of data to share across all four lines. Plus, you will get the strong coverage from Bell's nationwide network. 

Shared plan with 4 lines

Bring Your Own Phone Bring Your Own Phone Bring Your Own Phone
+ 1 More
  • Shareable Plan with Unlimited Local Calling
  • 15GB Data
  • $150/mth

Best Bell Big Data Plan

Those of us who use our smartphones to do everything from paying our bills to posting puppy pictures on Instagram need a cell phone plan with lots of data. Fortunately, Bell offers an array of big data plans that won't break the bank. 

WhistleOut's Pick

Shareable 10GB

Why we love it: With Bell's' 10GB share data plan, you'll get unlimited talk & text (local) and 10GB. Plus you can use your data for tethering! 

Cell Phone Plans

With at least 10GB data | Filters
  • Shareable Plan - Local Calling
  • 12GB Data
  • No Contract
  • $65/mth + $25 Upfront

Best Bell Prepaid Plan

The prepaid market is great for those of us who need a "just-in-case" cell phone for text & talk only. 

WhistleOut's Pick

Prepaid $25.75

Why we love it: This plan gives you unlimited text which includes unlimited Canadian text, picture and video messaging. In addition, this prepaid plan includes 100 minutes of local calling.

Cell Phone Plans

  • Monthly $25.75 Prepaid
  • No Data Included
  • Prepaid (1 Month)
  • $25.75 + $9.95 Upfront



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