Google Calendar sync with Windows Live Calendar? Here’s how to do it.

03 July 2014

Microsoft and Google don’t always get along and on January 30, 2013, Google removed the ability for Windows Live Calendar to automatically sync with Google Calendar alerts and events. The good news is there’s a fairly quick work-around that doesn’t require you downloading any external applications.

Assuming you have both calendars set up and signed-in to, go to your Google Calendar and look down the left side under “My calendars”. Mouse over the calendar you wish to sync and click the right-hand down-arrow that appears next to it.

Go to [Calendar settings] and down the left-hand side of the new page should be “Private Address”. This Private Address section may not exist if the calendar you have selected is not a Google calendar by default, such as if you have synced your Facebook events to your Google calendar. If this is then case then you should go to the original calendar source (i.e. your Facebook Events list) and sync that directly.

To the right of Private Address are two buttons: [XML] and [ICAL]. Click [ICAL] and copy the URL that is generated.

Now go to your Windows Live Calendar and up the top click [Import]. Click the “Subscribe” tab on the left. Paste the ICAL address in to the “Calendar URL” field and fill in the Calendar Name.

Select a color theme and a charm (icon) and hit [Subscribe] underneath. You may have to wait a moment for the calendars to sync up, but you should now see your Google calendar’s events and receive notifications via Windows Live Calendar.

This will be that same no matter what device you use to view your Live Calendar, although it will take several minutes for the changes to sync to the cloud, and thus be visible on other machines.



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