Rogers Global Roaming: Roam Like Home or Travel Packs?

02 March 2016

Rogers has two options when roaming: you can either sign up to the Roam Like Home (RLH) service, if eligible, or you can grab a Travel Pack add-on. RLH is preferable, as it will probably save you money in most situations, but it's only for customers signed up to a Share Everything plan.

Travel Packs vary in price quite a bit depending on the country or region you're travelling to, but can cost upwards of $120/mo.

Roam Like Home

RLH is an opt-in service that is only available to Rogers subscribers on Share Everything plans. To enroll, or check your availability, text Travel to 222. 

We've already partially covered Roger's Roam Like Home in our US Roaming Guide for Canadians, but it's now in far more countries than the US.

The basic idea is that RLH gives you access to your normal calls and data allowance from your Share Everything Plan. That means unlimited local calls and texts to and from the country you're in, and unlimited calls and texts back to and from Canada. You also get your normal monthly data allowance for use how you see fit.

You only pay based on what days you actually use it. The instant your phone does anything over a cellular network in an RLH supported area - makes a call, sends a text, receives any notification, even an app using background data - you pay a fee and you're active for 24 hours with complete access to your plan. After 24 hours, you can decide to put your phone back on flight mode (pretty much the only way to disconnect from the cellular network short of turning it off) and you won't pay anymore. If you do decide to keep going, you pay the same fee again and gain access for another 24 hours. This fee comes out automatically; you don't have to fiddle around putting in payment details every day.

This fee has a maximum payment of 10 days within a billing period. Day 11, and every day after within a billing cycle, is free of charge.

Remember: any and all RLH payments made add on top of your regular monthly Rogers bill.

RLH for the US: 
  • $5 per day

$5 per day isn't too much. That's a maximum payment of $50 within any billing period (one month), which is admittedly pretty pricey but can be acceptable if you're using your phone a whole lot while in the US.

RLH for Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, South and Central America, Asia, South Africa, Oceania, and the Middle East:
  • $10 per day

$10 adds up pretty quickly. That's a full $100 you'll be paying before the free period kicks in.

Roam Like Home is an easy, hassle-free way to roam. At most you'll be paying an extra $100 on top of your monthly phone bill, which is a lot less than you can be hit with if you go data-heavy in a foreign country with regular roaming fees and you'll probably get more out of your phone than on a Rogers Travel Pack. Mostly, you'll want to keep usage light, and keep in mind how many days each month you've used your phone over a cellular network.

Rogers Travel Pack add-ons

Travel Packs are monthly payments that are added to your regular monthly Rogers bill. They give you a specific, limited amount of pre-set access for calls, text, and data. Just how much of each you get, and how much you pay, varies a whole lot based on what region you're going to.

There are always four options: two 'Talk, Text, and Data Roaming Options' and two 'Talk & Text Travel Packs'. The first two offer anywhere from a limited number of minutes and texts, to a larger amount of minutes and infinite texts, with a meager slab of data. The last two offer the same, but with slightly more talk and text at the expense of foregoing any data.

These packs are usually pretty pricey for what they offer. You won't be spending much time on Facebook if you want to stay within even the more generous data packs, although you usually get over 100 texts, which can be very handy.

If you're going to stick to texting, with the occasional phone call, you can save a lot of hassle with a Travel Pack. Otherwise, we'd suggest you research local carriers, and try to pick up a SIM when you get to your destination.



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