SaskTel Ties for Fastest LTE Carrier in the World – Report

05 February 2016

Good news, Saskatchewanians! According to OpenSignal, an independent research company, you have access to the equal-fastest average 4G LTE speeds in the world. Your score? 35 megabits per second (Mbps). This victory comes to you courtesy of SaskTel.

In pure numbers, SaskTel technically came in third behind SingTel (Singapore) with 40Mbps, and StarHub (also Singapore) with 39Mbps. However, according to the report in question, collated from data in Q4 of 2015, this is well within the margin of error and counts as a statistical draw.

“In the fourth quarter, Singapore had the fastest networks by far, averaging 37 Mbps, and two of its operators SingTel and StarHub joined Canada’s SaskTel in vying for the title of world’s fastest operator (though we calculated different speeds for all three, due to the margin of error it was a statistical tie).”OpenSignal Report

How did the rest of Canada fare?

Videotron was next on Canada’s list, but came in somewhere closer to twentieth place with 25Mbps. After that was Bell with 20Mbps, Rogers with 18Mbps, and TELUS with 17Mbps.

Taken together, Canada came in fifteenth place with an average LTE download speed of 19Mbps, behind Norway, Oman, and Spain. The clear winner was Singapore with 37Mbps, next was New Zealand with 29Mbps.

What about coverage?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, all four other Canadian carriers in the report beat SaskTel significantly when it came to LTE network area coverage. After all, SaskTel is a provincial carrier, and seems to have no plans for national domination.

Videotron did surprisingly well. Despite not covering as much ground as the other carriers, its focus on Canada’s most heavily populated centres looks to have worked out quite well.

  • Videotron: 81%
  • Rogers: 81%
  • Telus: 76%
  • Bell: 72%
  • SaskTel: 54%

Once averaged out, Canada came in seventeenth overall, with an LTE availability rating of 76%. This time behind China, the UAE, and Estonia. South Korea was the winner of the coverage section with a whopping 97%; next was Japan with 90%.

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