Apple Watch iPhone app revealed

14 January 2015

With the Apple Watch reportedly less than two months away from a US release, we’ve been following every rumor and leak about what the Watch will be capable of.

The latest news is an apparent sneak peek at the wearable’s iPhone Companion app, which manages the Apple Watch’s settings and lets users control how the device will interact with their phone.

Reputable Apple source 9to5Mac has published a series of screenshots of what the Companion app supposedly looks like, alongside a list of features and functions. As well as providing a glimpse as to how the Watch will work with the iPhone, the leak also hints at a few new features included in Apple’s first-ever wearable.

Control your Watch from your iPhone

The Companion app will allow users to manage and organize the apps found on the Watch’s home screen – there’ll reportedly be a virtual view on the iPhone app that lets you swap and move applications and rearrange your screen.

You’ll also be able to customize the clock face and change the settings. Users can set background details, switch on visual notifications and nominate a favorite stock to track via the watch face.

The app will also let users configure Messages, by setting up default text replies, switching between Dictation and Audio Reply to respond to text messages, and by letting you control which contacts you can receive texts from on your Watch.

Users can control Accessibility settings via Companion, as well as whether to activate the Watch’s many fitness tracking features such as heart rate monitoring and recording of steps taken and calories burned.

The Passcode feature can be turned on or off through the app – like the iPhone, you’ll be able to set a 4-digit code to unlock the Watch (enabling a Passcode is necessary if you wish to use Apple Pay on the Watch).

Finally, all of the standard About settings can be viewed through the Companion app, such as storage statistics, application details, the Watch’s serial number, and Bluetooth and WiFi settings.



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