Rogers lets customers Roam Like Home in Europe

13 April 2015

Six months after encouraging customers to ‘Roam Like Home’ when traveling in the US, Rogers Wireless has extended its international roaming service to Europe.

Rogers customers will now be able to use their domestic plan’s allowance of voice calls, text messages and data in over 35 European countries, starting April 15.

Roam Like Home can be added to any Share Everything plan for $10 per day, with no limit of how many voice minutes, texts or megabytes you can use each day – you’re only restricted by what’s included in your Share Everything plan.

What you need to know

Roam Like Home Europe joins Rogers’ original $5 Roam Like Home add-on for customers heading south to the United States. As with Rogers’ US offer, Canadians using the service in Europe will only pay the $10 daily fee on days they use their device within an eligible country – so it’s great for anyone planning on occasional cell use, or wanting a back-up in case of emergency.

Customers will only be charged for a maximum of 10 days of use on each monthly bill, so you’ll never pay more than $100 each month (in addition to your regular plan charges). While $100 extra isn’t cheap, it’s a much better deal compared to the pay-as-you-go costs of roaming internationally, which can see customers return to thousands of dollars in extra charges on their phone bill.

Share Everything, even overseas

Rogers says that the plan aims to address the reluctance Canadians feel about using their cell phone when traveling. Currently, the feature is only available to Rogers customers on Share Everything plans, and customers who signed up on or after November 10, 2014 will already have the service switched on.

Older subscribers can activate Roam Like Home by texting ‘travel’ to 222 and following the prompts, either before departure or once you’ve arrived at your destination.



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