Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases

31 October 2013

You could argue that a big phone with a big screen, like the Note 3, needs a cover more than most other mobiles. We scour the web for the best options we can find.

The S-View and S-Wallet cases

We don’t usually recommend proprietary covers; they’re just too expensive. The S-View and S-Wallet covers are no different, price wise, but they do offer solid extras, especially with the S-View’s nifty window.

They’re classy, light-weight, and protective. The S-View has a hole in the front that allows you to check the time, missed notifications and control music without having to open the cover. The S-Wallet ditches the window in favor of a credit card sleeve.

The Zenus Masstige diary case

The Zenus Masstige case is a great leather-bound look for the Note 3. Its indented handwriting style really compliments the whole S-Pen concept.

As an added bonus there’s room inside for two credit-cards. It’s not the world’s most functional case, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty.

Zenus Masstige Lettering Diary Case suits the whole pen thing

Spigen Neo Hybrid

The Spigen Neo Hybrid is a sleek-looking case rocking a polycarbonate frame and TPU back cover, each of which can be separated and used on its own. As such it should be grippy and tough while offering a stylish look.

Spigen also has some other options for the Note 3, all of which look pretty solid.

Don’t forget Etsy

Etsy is a great place to find funky little trinkets that will make your device stand out. With each seller being so small, you’re unlikely to ever meet anyone with the same product.

Once again, there aren’t too many Note 3 options just yet, but there is this wooden case from user coolmaking. Wood is a surprisingly good material for phone covers, and it’s definitely not one you see too often.



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