PSA: Roam Mobility SIMs will now expire after 6-months

10 May 2016

Roam Mobility customers might need to upgrade their frequent flyer status, with the telco announcing it will deactivate SIM cards after just 6-months of inactivity.

As reported by MobileSyrup, customers will need to purchase at least one day of service in each six month period to keep their SIMs active, or the account will be cancelled and you will lose your phone number.

Basically, to keep your US number you need to pay for a service, even if you don’t intend on using it. 

The only exception is the Roam’s Snowbird plans for customers who travel to the US for long periods of time. These SIMs will have a 1 year expiry.

Ironically, the Roam Mobility website still features the following editorial clipping from Monroeville on its front page:

“Roam Mobility is a great option for both frequent and infrequent travelers to the US – especially because the SIM card does not expire.”

Someone from the Roam team will have to get on to that.



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