US carrier T-Mobile launches 'tourist plan' for visitors

01 June 2016

Not content with attracting just domestic customers, US carrier T-Mobile is gearing up for summer by announcing a new prepaid plan aimed at visitors to the US.

The T-Mobile Tourist Plan is a brand-new, $30 option that will be available to customers from June 12. The plan gives users three weeks of T-Mobile access after activation, and includes 1000 minutes of domestic voice calls.

You’ll also get unlimited texting within the US, unlimited international texts to 140 destinations, and unlimited data, with 2GB at high-speed. Aside from the $30 cost, there’s no additional activation fees or SIM card charges.

To purchase the plan, customers will need an unlocked GSM device – fortunately, as GSM is the standard for mobile devices outside the US, this shouldn’t be a problem for most tourists. Simply visit a T-Mobile retail store or dealer once you arrive, ask for the Tourist Plan, and you’re ready to go.

What you should know

The T-Mobile Tourist Plan also includes 200MB of roaming data, plus you’re free to use your device as a mobile hotspot. What you won’t get is any of T-Mobile’s Simple Choice ‘uncarrier’ benefits such as Binge On or Music Freedom.

Overall, it's designed as a short-term travel solution for individual lines – there’s no family option, so you’ll need to purchase separate plans if you’re traveling with others.

The plan also expires automatically after three weeks, with no renewal option available; because of this, T-Mobile advises customers traveling for longer periods to discuss a more suitable coverage option with store staff.

Depending on where you’re traveling and how long you’ll remain in the US (and how you want to use your device), you may prefer a regular SIM-only, contract-free prepaid plan from T-Mobile, such as the $30 Unlimited Web and Text plan, or $40 Simply Prepaid plan with 3GB of data.

For a longer list of roaming options when traveling in the US,  take a look at our guide here

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