Bell vs TELUS

28 February 2016

TELUS and Bell might technically be smaller carriers than Rogers, but they're still massive in their own rights. As the #2 and #3 place in the country, each boasts its own massive cellular network, as well as a fair chunk of the nation's plan subscribers.

Their pricing is pretty similar, for the most part. Below we've listed a quick comparison of both carriers with their pricing for unlimited nationwide calls for most of Canada, excluding Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec. Those three provinces tend to boast much cheaper prices and larger data inclusions across the board. The main difference you'll note is that Telus is $5 cheaper per month on BYO plans. Otherwise, they're pretty close to identical when it comes to their most popular plans.

If you'd like to view any of the plans, including ones from SK, MB, or QC, you can follow the button link under each category, and adjust your location from the drop-down at the top of the next screen, if necessary.

1GB Plans
Premium Lite BYO


$90 $80 $75


$90 $80 $80

Check out the plans Check out the plans Check out the plans

1GB can be considered a relatively safe starting point when comparing plans. It's just enough for some daily browsing and social media use, but you wouldn't want to push it much further. Try to keep any large downloads (apps, music, updates, images, GIFs) to when you're on WiFi. Avoid streaming music or video, and make sure any video auto-play settings are switched off for your apps. Instant messaging is fine, so long as you go light sending and receiving any images or GIFs.

2.5GB Plans
Premium Lite BYO


$100 $90 $85


$100 $90 $90

Check out the plans Check out the plans Check out the plans

2.5GB will get a lot of people by quite comfortably. You can hit up a decent amount of daily browsing and social media, but once again do your heavy lifting over WiFi. Downloading and updating small apps should be fine, and even a light amount of music streaming is doable. Try to keep any videos to a minimum, and avoid High Def content like the plague. Image and GIF-heavy stuff is still a danger, but only if you do it regularly.

4GB/5GB Plans
Premium Lite BYO

Telus (4GB)

$110 $100 $95

Bell (5GB)

$115 $105 $105

Check out the plans Check out the plans Check out the plans

4GB and 5GB is where you can start to breathe easy. You can stream music on a daily basis, and even hit up a fair few YouTube videos to spice up your daily commute without too much worry. Updating, or downloading large apps shouldn't really be a problem, and all that light browsing/social media/sending images stuff shouldn't make much of a difference.

Note: if you do all of these things, you can still hit your cap pretty easily, but if your online focus is only on one or two of the heavier services then you should be fine.

7GB Plans
Premium Lite BYO


$130 $120 $115


$130 $120 $120

Check out the plans Check out the plans Check out the plans

These are massive plans. If you need a plan this big for yourself, you probably know why. Otherwise, it's likely that you're looking to go in to a shared plan with someone else. If that's the case, make sure you divide the data amounts by the number of people, and figure out if that will be enough data for each of you before you commit.

If the reason you're going for a heavy-hitting plan is that you want Netflix access when out and about, you're out of luck. Even a 9GB plan will be eaten up pretty quickly by long HD video content. Use caution, or grab a bigger plan, if this is your intention.



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