Rogers vs Telus

19 February 2016

You probably have a decent idea of what phone you want, but which carrier should you go with? Rogers and Telus are the two largest in the country (with Bell trailing every so slightly behind), but how do they compare in terms of pricing?

For smaller plans, they're actually quite similar, only differing in the BYO category. As you get higher, the amount of data they offer differs, and as such so does their pricing.

1GB Plans
Premium Lite BYO


$90 $80 $80


$90 $80 $75

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1GB is enough to handle some daily browsing and social media usage, but don't make a habit of streaming music, and steer clear of video streaming services like YouTube. You'll also want to avoid updating or downloading any apps unless you're on a WiFi connection, and try to limit the number of pics you send and receive to a respectable dozen or so a day. And turn off autoplay on Facebook, if you use it; that'll save you a decent slug of your data each month.

2.5GB Plans
Premium Lite BYO


$100 $90 $90


$100 $90 $85

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2.5GB is a lot more manageable if you find you use online services on a daily basis. At this point you can stream music with a guarded regularity, and even download apps, so long as they're not massive ones. Disabling autoplay on videos is still a good idea. In fact, stay away from most video content unless it's fairly low resolution, or you really need to see the cute kitten hug its mother right now. It's always wise to keep one eye on your data usage as the month goes on, but you probably only need to worry about it if you're streaming music, hitting up videos, or doing anything else that's heavy on the data. Browsing and social media should be totally fine, unless you're relentlessly prolific. 

4GB/5GB Plans
Premium Lite BYO

Rogers (5GB)

$115 $105 $105


$110 $100 $95

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4GB and 5GB is where you can start to breathe easy. You can stream music on a daily basis, and even hit up a fair few YouTube videos to spice up your daily commute without too much worry. Updating, or downloading large apps shouldn't really be a problem, and all that light browsing/social media/sending images stuff shouldn't make much of a difference.

Note: if you do all of these things, you can still hit your cap, but if your online focus is only on one or two of the heavier services then you should be fine.

7GB/9GB Plans
Premium Lite BYO

Rogers (9GB)

$135 $125 $125


$130 $120 $115

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These are massive plans. If you need a plan this big for yourself, you probably know why. Otherwise, it's likely that you're looking to go in to a shared plan with someone else. If that's the case, make sure you divide the data amounts by the number of people, and figure out if that will be enough data for each of you before you commit.



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